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Date: 27th February 2018
Author: Annah-Mae Schilder

My Uncle, who sadly passed away many years ago, had a great passion for visiting the West Country, with regular weeks away to various different locations and often very long Country walks. He would always say “some of the most beautiful parts of this world are right on your doorstep”. I never really saw what he did… until just recently.

Lately, I have been to a number of client meetings across the South West and met with some of the most outstanding law firms in the area. This has led me to write this article on the benefits in moving to the South West, that I have now realised myself.

Many of the firms have an admirable drive and entrepreneurial spirit which allows ambitious lawyers to progress, with autonomy to build their own caseload and develop an excellent reputation in the legal market. Several Partners/Senior Associates who I have spoken with still regularly go to London, acting on behalf of high net worth clientele in the City. They are given the incomparable benefit of having quality work as well as quality of life and all under the support and encouragement of their firm.

A lot of the firms provide a more flexible approach for their employees and allow them to develop as far as they would like to go – you would be surprised how many Partners began as Secretaries in the exact same firm! They offer stringent development programmes and routes to Partnership which are not necessarily based on length of service or how much you have billed but rather your ability to network, maintain close relationships and overall performance.

Not limited just to career progression, South West legal practices are very flexible with working hours too. This is an excellent benefit for those who have families and relocate for that better work/life balance, particularly those who are fed up with missing the school runs/pick-ups because you know how much your child loves to see you standing at those School gates. With lower crime rates, good schools and strong local communities, the West Country really does appear to be the perfect place to raise a family.

Nature, greenery, brisk fresh air and the sea breeze not only improve your physical wellbeing but mental wellbeing too. I recently met with a Family Partner at a prestigious South West firm who had relocated and said “when I leave work it feels like I am on holiday”.

If the thought of relocation has ever crossed your mind, or you are just tired of the City life and think it is time to start working to live, then get in touch and I can talk to you about the ample opportunities I have waiting for you.

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