Challenges we help with

Whether you need to resource an urgent temporary support role, or need specialist expertise to take on a partner, head of department or solicitor, our associates can quickly address the recruitment challenges our clients encounter and deliver highly-efficient results. If you are facing any of the following issues or setbacks, we can confidently provide support and guidance.

Finding the time to recruit

The recruitment process can be hugely labour intensive; managing adverts, coordinating interviews, verifying information and providing feedback often escalates to become a full-time activity.

At Ashville Knight we have carefully honed our process to prevent undue pressure on your in-house resource. We only shortlist people with the right qualifications, experience and personality traits so you can be assured the applications we present to you exhibit the qualities you need for the role. We also carry out post-interview feedback on your behalf, and coordinate the offer and induction process of your selected candidate to ensure they are in place as quickly as possible.

Having wider industry insight

Ensuring the job role you are hiring for, and the employee you select, fits your strategic objectives is essential to the success of any recruitment project.

Our team has an extensive knowledge of the legal recruitment market at a local and national level, and we are continually adapting with the industry to develop new services that will meet the needs of our customers. Through conducting regular research and analysis, we keep abreast of shifting market rates and salary benchmarks to provide accurate and robust guidance to our clients, and ensure vacancies are as competitive as possible.

Advertising through the correct channels

The formulation of a recruitment advertising campaign is highly dependent upon the intricacies and level of the role in question. At Ashville Knight we use multiple platforms and methodologies to employ a tailored advertising strategy for each vacancy. For highly specialist roles, or those that are proving challenging to fill, we can undertake a direct search and selection approach whereby we research and map the market and discreetly connect with a select few candidates; our consultants are adept at applying their skill and professional prowess to pitch the opportunity in a way that instigates, and converts, a genuine interest.

For those vacancies that will benefit from a broader search, we formulate and execute a campaign that will ensure maximum impact. We use a combination of dynamic online channels, well-established traditional mediums and, most importantly, we draw on our extensive talent network to reach the most promising professionals from across the legal community.

Managing the cost and disruption of recruitment

Whilst undertaking recruitment in-house can appear to be a cost-effective approach, many firms we work with report that this often becomes a false economy, resulting in unfocused advertising, disappointing applications and a huge time commitment for internal staff coordinating the process.

Our integrated approach means we deliver all the elements needed to ensure a streamlined, efficient and transparent recruitment process. The comprehensive advertising, screening and review methods we use reduce the likelihood, and subsequent cost, of a ‘bad hire’ by ensuring we get it right first time.

Ensuring effective on-boarding

Regardless of their position, helping a new employee to transition into your company efficiently can be time-consuming and intensive. At Ashville Knight, we offer an end-to-end service and continue to provide support well after an offer of employment has been made, freeing your current staff from managing the administrative side of the induction process.

We can coordinate individual elements of on-boarding including salary and benefit negotiations, issuing of offer letters and contracts, and the completion of all relevant documentation so that your new employee is fully prepared to get productive quickly.

For smaller organisations, we can also advise on the design of staff induction programmes to ensure your processes follow good practice and are professionally tailored to your business.

Find the right person for your job

If your next recruitment project is on the horizon, we are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements or get straight to the search